The Ultimate Prepper Gift Guide

prepper gift guide

It’s hard to believe, but 2015 is almost over. Along with the end of another year comes the holiday season – a beautiful time of year where love and togetherness are celebrated, pretty lights cover the streets, and families get together for long overdue reunions.

However, the holidays can also be stressful, especially when trying to find the perfect gift for that picky prepper on your list.

Not to worry, The Bug Out Bag Guide has you covered! We’ve compiled our annual list of the top survival gear any prepper would be thrilled to receive. We’ve spent the year reviewing all things survival and have evaluated each item to narrow down our list to the top gifts that are perfect for any prepper on your list.

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prepper gift guide
Leatherman Skeletool

Ultimate Prepper Gift Guide

prepper gift guide

The answer to the question, “What does the prepper in my life need?” really depends on the answer to the question, “What problem is he/she trying to solve?” When it comes to survival, there are a multitude of scenarios and tasks to consider, and having the right tool for each specific task is crucial.

In our Ultimate Prepper Gift Guide, we’ve evaluated all the essential prepper tools and determined which ones best fit the needs of preppers while minimizing weight and size, and maximizing functionality.

Always remember, when shopping for prepping gear, it is not always the most expensive item that will best suit your purposes, but there is no substitute for quality. Ensure you invest in high quality gear that is built to last – you’re investing in more than items, you’re investing in your ability to survive.

Gift IdeaGreat ForWhy It's GreatLearn More
Eagles Nest Outfitters JungleNest Sleep System
Bug out bag
Get home bag
This hammock set includes everything you need to sleep comfortably anywhere! DoubleNest Hammock, Guardian Bug Shield, Rain Tarp, Atlas Suspension Straps, Steel Carabiners, Aluminum Stakes, all tucked in a stuff sack for easy transport.Bug-Out Hammock:An Essential Addition To Any BOB
Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person 3 Season Tent
Bug out bag
Get home bag
Weighing just 5 lbs, this 2 person tent is perfect for outdoor life. Bathtub floor and taped seams keep the rain out, while mesh panels allow for ventilation. The dual doors make it easy to get in or out without disturbing each other.How To Choose The Best Lightweight Tent For Camping, Recreation, and Bugging Out
Ambient Weather WR-111B Radio
Bugging in
Bug out bag
Get home bag
Multiple power options make this emergency radio great for home or travel. It comes with mini, micro, and USB adaptors for charging cell phones and other devices. The LED flashlight provides an emergency light source, as well.Stay Connected: How To Choose An Emergency Weather Radio
Leatherman Skeletool CX
Every day carry
Bug out bag
Get home bag
A well-designed multitool strong enough for any job yet light enough for EDC. The blade is located on the outside for quick, one-handed access. Inculdes 4 universal driver bits, pliers, wire-cutter, and intergrated carabiner to clip to a belt loop or strap.Best Multitool For Backpacking & Survival
Wartech 8" Assisted Open Folding Tactical Survival Pocket Knife
Every day carry
Bug out bag
Get home bag
This survival knife is loaded with extra features, such as a glass breaker, seat belt cutter, and LED light. The blade opens with the touch of a lever and stays locked when in use. It is a sturdy pocket knife with many survival applications, making it a great tool for experienced and novice preppers.Survival Pocket Knives – Our Top 10
Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen
Every day carry
Bug out bag
Get home bag
I get a lot of compliments on this pen. Its rugged yet inconspicuous design and Rite In The Rain cartridge lend well to daily use. Click operation means no cap to drop or lose. I have used the glass breaker tip on 1/2 in thick window glazing with no trouble.Finding The Best Tactical Pen For Your Kit
Salomon Men's Quest 4D GTX Backpacking Boot
Bugging out
These boots provide ultimate support and protection. Lined with waterproof Gore-Tex, with a gusseted tongue for sealing out water and debris. Control flex design provides ankle support and relieves muscle strain, which is essential for long hikes.Gear Up: Top Rated Survival Boots For Men And Women
Salomon Women's Quest 4D GTX Hiking Boot
Bugging out
Lightweight and flexible enough for trail running, with a cushioned gusseted tongue to alleviate lace pressure. The braking pattern on the outsole provides extraction traction when descending steep terrain.Gear Up: Top Rated Survival Boots For Men And Women
5.11 Tactical Women's TacLite Pro Pant
Bugging out
When you're on the move, you need clothing that moves with you. These tactical pants fit the bill, with breathable ripstop fabric, action wasteband, and reinforced seams. Hip mounted D-ring provides quick access to keys or tools.Gear Up: How To Choose the Best Tactical Pants
5.11 Tactical #74273 Men's TacLite Pro Pant
Bugging out
These pants are designed for comfort and performance. High stress areas feature extra layering and triple stitching for durability. Seven pocket configuration holds all your gear close at hand. Fabric is teflon treated to repel stains and spills.Gear Up: How To Choose the Best Tactical Pants
Military Issue Tri-Fold Shovel
Bug out bag
Bugging in
Use it around the campsite for burying waste, building shelter, and clearing the firepit. A shovel can also serve as a back-up self-defense weapon. Folds to fit into a slim carry case, with a total weight less than 3 lbs.How to Customize your Bug Out Bag Contents for a Wilderness Survival Kit
CRKT Kangee Tomahawk
Bug out bag
Bugging in
Our top pick for a survival tomahawk! Forward weighting adds force to each swing while its light weight makes it easy to carry. Highly durable and versatile as a tool or self-defense weapon. How To Choose The Best Survival Tomahawk For Your Bug Out Bag
Flint & Steel Striker Set #7
Bug out bag
Get home bag
A handmade fire making kit that includes a handforged striker, tinder box, piece of flint, jute twine, and a manual with step by step instructions for striking a fire.PrimitiveFireMaking Store
Catatonk Atlatl
Bug out bag
A unique gift for sharpshooters! Engineered specifically for hunting, the hammer grip tranfers more power to the arrow while the moderate shaft flex improves control.Comparison of Ranged Survival Weapons
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prepper gift guide
Takes a licking and keeps on clicking… Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen.

Fully Equipped Kits

Have a prepper to shop for but don’t know the first thing about prepping? Consider buying a fully-equipped kit. Your prepper will love it and you can rest assured that your gift has just the items he/she is looking for. Alternatively, if you’ve already embraced the benefits of prepping but have someone in your family who needs a little encouragement, start off their prepping journey with one of these fully-equipped kits. When it comes to gifts, it’s the thought that counts, and what could be more thoughtful than arming your loved ones for survival?

The Ultimate Urban Survival Kit

The Ultimate Urban Survival Kit TUUSK
Click to view TUUSK in our store.

TUUSK (The Ultimate Urban Survival Kit)  was custom designed in collaboration with Ready To Go Survival. Weighing only 16 pounds, it is packed with carefully selected, high quality gear to enable you to survive an urban disaster. Included in the kit are means of protection, self-defense, communication, first aid, fire starting, shelter, water purification, and more.

Wise Company Deluxe Survival Kit

This kit has many of the features of a basic kit, such as a first aid kit, hand powered flashlight, and an emergency shelter as well as some of the more advanced, “kitchen sink” options such as a multitool, water filtration bottle, and a stove and fuel. It also has 44 portions of food which will keep a survival party going for a long time. Click the image to view on Amazon.

Stocking Stuffers

prepper gift guide
What, you don’t hang your bug-out bags on the mantle?!

You’re never too old to hang a stocking for Santa! We’ve got a ton of great stocking stuffer ideas including some that are completely FREE (simply pay shipping)! For all those little gifts that will surprise and delight the prepper in your life, or to share the joy of prepping with those you love, stock up on our top stocking stuffers!

Gift IdeaWhy It's Great
LifeStraw Personal Water Filter
Never be without clean drinking water! Removes over 99.9% of bacteria and parasites without the use of harmful chemicals. Filters up to 1000 liters.
Black Diamond Positron Screwgate Carabiner
Carabiners have endless survival applications. They are great for clipping gear to a belt or pack for easy access, hanging a hammock, securing food out of reach of wildlife, as well as climbing and rappelling.
Nitecore EC11 LED Flashlight
Every prepper needs a dependable flashlight for their EDC and BOB. This one is waterproof IPx-8, with multiple beam size and intensity settings. Charger, case, clip, and bonus LightJunction keychain included.
Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Bottle
Aside from the obvious benefit of a BPA-free way to transport water, single-walled stainless steel bottles can also be used to boil water or heat food in a survival situation.
Swiss Army Tinker Knife and Sharpener Set
A classic survival tool, featuring two blade sizes for handling a variety of tasks. Screwdrivers, bottle opener, tweezers, and more. Includes a keychain sharpener to keep the blades in top condition.
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prepper gift guide
The Everstryke Pro Waterproof Lighter from SurvivalLife is available FREE by clicking HERE.
prepper gift guide
Survival Life FireKable Paracord Bracelet is available FREE by clicking HERE.

Books and Media

Books and media make the perfect gift for both experienced preppers and those just starting out. Check out our list of the top prepping resources including our own Ultimate EDC Kit ebook, Run Prepper Run, and Aquaponics. Each of these fantastic resources provides a unique set of prepping knowledge to help readers prepare for survival as well as an entertaining read.

  • The Every Day Carry Guide ebook makes a great gift for preppers who want to build or enhance their EDC kit. It is packed with information on daily preparedness, assessing threats, and choosing the right gear for their needs.
  • Learn how to grow your own endless food supply! Easy DIY Aquaponics will teach you how to get started with aquaponics, how to maintain your system, and how to make crucial improvements and adjustments to accommodate your family’s changing needs.

prepper gift guide


Here at The Bug Out Bag Guide, we wish you and your family a very happy holiday season and hope that you stay warm, safe, and most importantly, prepared!

Your Thoughts

Do you have a perfect holiday prepper gift you didn’t see on our list? Tell us about it in the Comments section and we’ll be sure to check it out for our 2016 list!

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Best Multitool For Backpacking & Survival

best multitool for backpackingJust by reading this, you’re showing that you’re likely all about organized and efficient daily preparation. Most dedicated preppers and EDCers will take a certain pride in getting the greatest amount of performance out of the smallest and most efficient possible package. Many of us also pride ourselves on being the person who can, under almost any circumstance, immediately find a creative fix for any problem.

When it comes to packing a lot of usability into a single unit, the only thing that comes close to a prepper’s ingenuity is a well thought out multitool. An appropriate multitool can offer a solution that will make quick work of unexpected jobs, solve minor problems, or get you out of a tight jam with minimal hassle.

With all the cool multitools on the market, making the final selection can be tough. Whether you’re looking for the best pocket tool for your EDC kit, the best multitool for backpacking, or the best survival multitool, we’ll help you make the right choice. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to deciding the right one (or three!) for you. Read on to find your ideal tool for every job!

Types of Multitools

Multitools can be had in any number of configurations. If there’s a need, there’s a multitool to fit. Multitools can be simple one-piece affairs or complex 20-tool behemoths. Between these extremes are tools to fit every need or desire. Let’s look over a few of the basic styles:

Folding Multitools

These are the full sized multitool style popularized by Leatherman, Gerber, and countless other brands.  When someone says “multitool,” this is what first comes to mind for most folks. They’re designed like a pair of collapsible pliers with tools that fold out of each handle. When not in use, the handles both swivel up butterfly-style and nestle together around the plier head.

These multitools typically offer the largest number of and most stoutly built tools, and invariably include those handy pliers or large scissors. The folding handles will often also provide some sort of locking function for tools so as to prevent accidental closures. Generally these multitools are a little big and bulky to be carried in a pocket, so they’ll come with a cloth, leather, or Kydex multitool pouch for belt carry.

We recommend: The Leatherman 830850 Skeletool CX Multitool

best multitool for backpacking review leatherman skeletool
Click the image to see the best price for the Leatherman Skeletool and user reviews on Amazon

Pocket Multitools

Just because you carry a big tool doesn’t mean you have to look like one; a belt mounted multitool pouch isn’t for everyone. Following the pattern of the classic Swiss Army Knife, pocket multitools can offer as many tools as a folding multitool, but are generally much less bulky and don’t require special carrying considerations. The flip side of this is that most of the tools don’t lock in the open position, and there’s rarely anything more than a perfunctory scissor or plier option.

We recommend: The Victorinox Swiss Army SwissChamp Pocket Knife

best multitool for backpacking Best pocket Multitool review fieldmaster
Click the image to see the best price for the Swiss Army Fieldmaster and user reviews on Amazon

Keychain Multitools

Designed to be ultra-small and easy to carry, keychain multitools are typically found as super compact versions of the folding or pocket multitool styles. The Victorinox Classic or Gerber Vise would be excellent examples. These small multitool options usually trade having a large variety of tools for easy portability.

We recommend: The Gerber 31-001134 Dime Micro Tool

best multitool for backpacking best keychain Multitool review gerber dime tool
Click the image to see the best price for the Gerber Dime and user reviews on Amazon

One-Piece Multitools

These are the smallest, least complex, and most lightweight multitools out there. They’re really nothing more than a small piece of steel or titanium that has been shaped and scalloped to provide several commonly used tools in a super simple, durable form. One-piece multitools generally provide a bit of leverage for prying, a flathead screwdriver, and a bottle opener. Popular offerings include the Atwood Prybaby, the Gerber Shard and the Leatherman Brewzer.

We recommend: The Leatherman Brewzer

best multitool for backpacking review leatherman brewser
Click the image to see the best price for the Leatherman Brewzer and user reviews on Amazon

Wallet Multitools

Inexpensive, easy to store, and packed with great functionality, these ultra-thin multitools have been gaining popularity as of late. These are not typically designed for regular use, instead offering a nice last-ditch option that will rarely be forgotten due to its ease of storage in something you’re rarely without: Your wallet.

Typically, these tools are equipped with a sharp edge that can pass for a blade, a number of low-profile wrenches, a bottle opener, and a ruler. The idea is thin functionality that can go wherever you do.

We recommend: 11-Function Stainless Steel Survival Pocket Tool

best multitool for backpacking review Wallet tool
Click the image to see the best price for the Credit Card Wallet Knife and user reviews on Amazon

Specialty Multitools

The lightweight “EAT’N Tool” from CRKT is particularly cool, designed as a lightweight spork equipped with a bottle opener, pry tool, and a few wrenches that do duty for stove maintenance.

best multitool for backpacking review crkt eatn tool
Click the image to see the best price for the CRKT Eat’n Tool and user reviews on Amazon

Tool Options

When it comes to options, most multitools have plenty. Generally all multitools will offer a few basics, including a blade, can and bottle opener, and flathead screwdriver. From there, the options open up in every direction. The Victorinox brand pocket multitool is famous for its little bitty toothpick and tweezers. The full sized multitool style nearly always provides relatively large pliers or scissors. Many choices have an ever handy corkscrew for impressing the ladies on impromptu picnic trips.

Each multitool finds its own niche by offering different combinations of options. When searching for just the right one, keep your eyes open for multitools equipped with carabiners, pocket clips, replaceable tools, vise grips, magnetic drivers and bits, integrated smartphone stands (yes, seriously!), or clever weight-saving measures. Any of these items might be just the ticket in your search for the best survival multi tool.

best multitool for backpacking
The best survival multi tool puts an entire workshop in your pocket.

In true prepper style, always be considering alternate uses for tools. A magnifying glass, for instance, can be used for starting fires, while magnetic screwdrivers could be used to construct a field-expedient compass. These uses might not come in handy every day, but when they do you’ll be extra thankful for them.

All this being said, don’t mislead yourself into thinking that there’s any one multitool that can truly do it all. Expect to carry one multitool for EDC, another one for camping, a day at the range, or to be left in your BOB. Still another may be the best survival multitool or the best multitool for backpacking or fishing with the family. Each has its place, and each can provide the right tools for certain settings.

Decision Making Factors

Buying the right multitool is a challenge.  A lot is riding on the choice, and there are so many options available. When you’re browsing the myriad options intent on finding your ideal multitool, you’ll have lots to consider. Your decision making process for any multitool should take into account each multitool’s functionality, suitability, and ease of use.

best multitool for backpacking
Which tools do YOU need in a multitool?


First off, ensure the multitool you’re looking for has all the parts and tools you need. You’re aware that there are all kinds of cool multitools with onboard magnifying glasses, flashlights, and the like. The real question is whether these are necessary for your usage.

While it’s easy to over-tool, it’s not tough to under-do it either. It’s often tempting to go super simple, but make sure you still end up with enough tool to get your jobs done. Of course, the environment in which you’ll most be drawing upon your multitool’s functionality will go a long way toward impacting your choice. If you’re looking for a tool to carry and use every day at your retail job, something like the Victorinox Midnite Minichamp, with its integrated package opener and ballpoint pen, might be a good bet.

If your idea for a multitool is more about general preparedness with a focus on easy portability, then maybe a Leatherman Micro is the right choice. For cooking on the trail, the best multitool for backpacking should include utensils and openers. One way or the other, you might have more trouble finding a multitool that you can’t put to use than finding one you can!


All the features or tools in the world aren’t going to justify your multitool selection if the multitool doesn’t adequately fit your intended usage. Consider also how easy the multitool is to carry. For instance, if you never wear a belt you likely won’t find yourself sporting a multitool pouch.

best multitool for backpacking
The blade on a pocket multi tool is essential when building a fire or constructing a shelter.

Likewise, if you’ve got large blacksmith’s hands and are expecting to be performing lots of tough tasks at construction job sites, a keychain multitool probably isn’t your ideal option. While the best multitool for backpacking might include specially shaped pot-gripper pliers on a really lightweight multitool, it may be too specialized for good EDC.  Perhaps a smaller pocket multitool or a multitool with a pocket clip would be better suited to everyday use.

To learn more about assessing your EDC needs, CLICK HERE.

Ease of Use

Make sure your multitool is easy to put to work. Fumbling around to get your multitool out of your pocket or to open a commonly used tool is going to end up being really irritating in no time. As such, consider a multitool with a pocket clip.

If you think you’ll be using the bottle opener a lot, make sure that particular tool folds out quickly and easily, maybe even requiring the use of only one hand. When multitools are too difficult to use effectively, they aren’t serving their purpose. Make that tool earn its keep.

Common Mistakes When Buying a Multitool

As with any purchase, it’s easy to be led astray when searching for the right multitool. Oftentimes folks will order what was expected to be their ideal tool sight unseen. When it arrives, they’ll find that it’s overly complicated to use, too large or heavy to carry comfortably, suffers from poor construction and materials, or has a layout that’s difficult to use or just plain inconvenient.

To avoid this, get your hands on as many tools as possible before you purchase. Poke around at your local sporting goods and hardware stores, consult your friends, and even check out an online multitool forum or two.

When you get a chance to play around with some multitools, remember to carefully consider how you’ll be carrying your multitool, what features you expect to be using most often, and whether you’ll really need some of the fancy extras that may be offered. If trying a few multitools in person is not an option, at least make sure you purchase your multitool from a reputable dealer with a good return policy.

Special Considerations

Sometimes buying and carrying cool multitools isn’t as fun as it sounds. Keep your head up and remember to consider the law and your bank account before committing.


When you’re purchasing or carrying a multitool, remember to think about where you’ll be traveling. Certain locales have pretty strict laws or statutes regarding knives, including restrictions on blade length, locking mechanisms, or carrying methods. In particular, know that TSA has reneged on their 2013 allowance of small blades on airplanes. As of early 2015, knives of any shape, size, or mechanism are not allowed on planes by TSA.

For folks that still want to be as prepared as possible, never fear: Industry is here! A number of savvy manufacturers have begun offering TSA-compliant multitools. Check out the Victorinox Jetsetter or Leatherman Style PS for bladeless multitool options.TSA-EDC-Kit-Intro3


If you’re looking for a cheap multitool, carefully weigh your pros and cons. While the “three-for-one” deals at the Lowe’s checkout counter are tempting, they rarely offer the quality of a proper multitool. If you’re just wanting an extra light-duty toy to use in non-crucial scenarios, then perhaps giving in to consumerism and getting that cheap multitool isn’t such a bad thing.

Your friends here at TBOBG certainly aren’t immune to such temptations, as can be evidenced by the assortment of multitools collecting in every gear box and junk drawer. If you’re going to be using your multitool for real EDC or in the woods or other hard-use scenarios, though, you’re likely better off investing in higher quality tools.

Most well respected multitools are priced in the $40-100 range. This also usually includes a good warranty; Gerber offers a lifetime warranty, and Leatherman is well known for honoring its 25-year coverage. Your wallet might not thank you in the short run, but the performance and durability of a good multitool will well outweigh the short term cost.

That About Does It

You’re now as qualified as anyone to make the final decision regarding your new multitool purchase. Just keep in mind your prospective uses, consider the tool’s abilities and limitations, and enjoy the process. It’s tough to beat the feeling of carrying an entire toolbox on your person at all times, but let’s make sure they’re the right tools for the job.

Your Thoughts?

Do you have a favorite multitool? Which features do you use most often? Have you encountered any drawbacks in quality or design? Let us know in the Comments section below, thanks!

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