The Best Tactical Pen For Your Kit

Best Tactical Pen

A tactical pen can be a good option for a self-defense tool in an emergency. They make great every day carry companions due to their small size, light weight, concealability, and dual purpose functionality.

In this article, we will show you how to choose the best tactical pen for your EDC kit or Bug Out Bag by taking a look at some of the best options on the market.

We’ve conducted extensive research and built the table below to allow you to compare some of the best tactical pens on the market.

Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

5.59"1.02 ozIntegrated glassbreaker$$Machined steel
Schrade Survival Tactical Pen

5.9"1.7 ozIntegrated survival whistle, glass breaker, and magnesium fire starter$$Anodized aluminum
Uzi Defender Tactical Pen

6"2.4 ozHeavy Duty, incudes integrated glassbreaker$Aircraft Aluminum
CRKT Williams Tactical Pen

6"1.2 ozTapered body to aid grip retention$$Machined anodized aluminum
Smith and Wesson M&P Tactical Pen

5.7"1.4 ozRidged body for excellent finger holds$T6061 Aircraft Aluminum
Vktech Tactical Pen

5.7"3.7 ozScoops on back for catching attacker's DNA, makes and excellent glass breaker$Aircraft Aluminum
Schrade Tactical Pen

5.7"1.6 ozHighly Inconspicuous
Screw on/off cap
$CNC machined 6061 aircraft aluminum
Smith and Wesson 3rd Gen Tactical Pen

5.7"1.4 ozIncludes stylus tip on one end for touchscreens$T6061 Aircraft Aluminum

What Is A Tactical Pen?

A tactical pen is a writing tool that is also designed to be used as a defensive weapon.

Tactical pens are typically made of metal or a very sturdy plastic. Aircraft-grade aluminum and titanium are frequently employed to make strong, lightweight, tactical pens.

One or both ends of the tactical pen is typically tapered to a point to allow for it to be used as a thrusting self-defense tool. Whereas a normal pen would bend or break if used in a defensive scenario, a tactical pen is designed exactly for this use.

Why Carry A Tactical Pen?

People carry tactical pens for many reasons.

Some may just want a high-quality pen that looks good and matches other gear they may have, like a folding knife or other tactical equipment.

The main reason people carry tactical pens is to have a reliable self-defense tool that can be hidden in plain sight.

While a knife or firearm will draw most anyone’s attention if spotted while being carried, a tactical pen is more of a “gray man” option. Most tactical pens will pass a security or TSA inspection, therefore, can be carried almost anywhere.

UPDATE: A reader has sent this article to show that some of the more aggressive style pens do get confiscated at airport checkpoints. Consider this when choosing your pen if you plan on traveling with it.

With some basic training, tactical pen carriers are more readily able to protect themselves wherever they go.

Another advantage of tactical pens is that often they are designed to be non-lethal and come with a blunt end that is intended to apply painful force to pressure points, sensitive areas, and other vulnerable locations on an attacker’s body. This can be an appealing non-lethal self-defense option for those not wanting to cause mortal damage to an attacker.

Others may just be looking to lighten their kit by combining their self-defense tool with their writing instrument into one small multipurpose item. A tactical pen is perfect for this.

Tactical pens are a robust, low key, self-defense option.

Best Overall Tactical Pen: Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

Best Tactical Pen
Click on the image now to see reviews for this Tactical Pen on Amazon

The Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen doesn’t attempt to do absolutely everything its competitors try for but instead chooses to execute the essential functions of a tactical pen with authority.

It comes out of the box with a Rite In The Rain ink cartridge, so you will be able to confidently take notes, mark maps, and more in any conditions.

It also has a low profile glass breaker integrated into the tip to assist in emergency evacuations from vehicles of buildings.

Additionally, it is one of the few “click” pens you see in the tactical pen format, which I consider to be an advantage – no cap to unscrew every time and one less thing to lose.

Overall the machined steel body is extremely strong and will hold up to the roughest applications. Its various ridges and indentations ensure a positive grip should it be required to discourage aggressive behavior.

These features have all been added thoughtfully and executed flawlessly.

There is no excess on this tactical pen, and it strives to meet your daily needs at every turn.

Coming in around the $40 price point, the Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen exceeds expectations and makes for a reliable companion for years to come.

Best Mid-Range Tactical Pen: Schrade Survival Tactical Pen

Best Tactical Pen
Click on the image above to see the Schrade Survival Tactical Pen on Amazon

The Schrade Survival Tactical Pen gets our pick for the best mid-range tactical pen for several reasons. For one it has a ton of useful survival gear packed into its compact package including:

  • Survival Whistle
  • Glass Breaker
  • Magnesium Firestarter

These items alone justify the $25 price tag.

As a tactical pen if both writes well and is strong enough to be a functional self-defense item.

The narrow taper at the writing end serves well as a force multiplier if you ever needed to deter an attacker with it.

This tactical pen has a rather inconspicuous profile to it, unlike some other pens that have an obvious weaponized appearance.

Its ordinary appearance will help it avoid scrutiny from security checkpoints, ensuring that you will be able to defend yourself pretty much anywhere.

The Schrade Survival Tactical Pen is a solid mid-range tactical pen that will not disappoint.

Best Budget Tactical Pen: Vktech Tactical Pen

In the sub-$5 price range, there is no better choice than the Vktech Tactical Pen.

While you can’t expect it to be of the same quality as our previous picks, it still has excellent workmanship for the price.

Picking it up you can feel its solid construction.

The knurling along its body meshes perfectly with the palm of your hand for a comfortable non-slip grip.

The Vktech Tactical Pen offers reliability and durability at an unbeatable price making for a great entry-level option.

How Do I Choose The Best Tactical Pen For My Kit?

Pen Quality

When looking for the best tactical pen a good place to start is to choose one that writes well. This is the basic function of a tactical pen and is what you will use it for 99% of the time. The best tactical pens out there accept ink refills from quality producers like Parker and Hauser, Fischer Space Pen, and Rite in the Rain.

Self-Defense Features

Once you have a good writing tool, it is time to look at the defensive features to find the best tactical pen for your personal protection.

First, decide how you would want to use your tactical pen as a defensive tool.

A smaller woman, for example, may struggle to inflict damage with one of the blunt ended tactical pens and a tactical pen with a pointier end may be more suitable.

A larger person would probably be more able to strike with enough force to ward off an attacker with either of these options so they would have a wider variety of suitable tactical pens to choose from


In addition to being comfortable in your hand for writing, having a good grip is key to using the pen as a defensive tool.

In a self-defense scenario, you will likely be swinging it with velocity you will want to make sure the tactical pen stays put in your hand upon impact.

The best tactical pen you can choose will have ridges or grooves for your fingers to sit in and knurling to aid grip retention.


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Attachment Clip

The best tactical pens on the market will have a robust pocket clip for attaching the pen to a pocket, bag, or belt.

Many pens also have additional attachment options for keyrings, carabiners, and paracord.

Make sure the tactical pen you choose has an attachment option that matches the way you intend to carry it.

Extra Features

A common point of differentiation to look for when finding the right tactical pen is to keep an eye out for unique features.

Many tactical pen makers work to make their products stand out by incorporating additional features such as:

  • Hidden Handcuff Key
  • Magnesium Firestarter
  • Window/Glass Breaker
  • DNA Catching Scoops (for identifying an attacker to law enforcement)

Keep an eye out for special features such as these when choosing your tactical pen.

How to Use a Tactical Pen

There are many schools of thought of the best way to use a tactical pen for self-defense.

If you are going to carry one, it is essential to train in how to use it effectively.

Once you have learned proper technique, it is as important to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.

Typical tactical pen targets include:

Pressure Points

  • Armpit
  • Neck
  • Inner arm
  • Inner thigh

Sensitive Areas

  • Throat
  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Groin
  • Ribs
  • Solar Plexus
  • Nose

BONUS: Instructional Video

Here is a helpful instructional video to get you started.


There are a lot of great options out there for carrying a reliable, multipurpose tactical pen.

Finding the BEST tactical pen for your needs can be a challenge, but hopefully, the suggestions we have made will help you decide.

Once again, here are our picks:

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Your Thoughts?

Do you have a tactical pen that you want to share? Is there a quality you NEED to have when finding the best tactical pen for your environment? Please let us know in the Comments Section below.


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    1. Raven,
      Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I have updated the article with the link you provided as well as a note that the more aggressive style pens ARE considered weapons by TSA. Thanks again for finding and sharing this information with us.


  1. The tactical pens are a good option for self defence. These are small in size and have light weight. The grip of these pens are excellent as well as it can be use to write in the rain.

  2. Personally, I was never keen on the idea of tactical pens for self-protection. Only as a last resort would I expose choose to potentially expose myself to blood spray that may be carrying an infectious disease. ( For example, Hepatitis B/C are a lot more common than one may imagine; and there are far worse diseases than those that are becoming more common everyday.)

    1. Ed,
      I am inclined to agree with you but they are not made for ideal situations. Certainly if I am attacked I would rather face the aggressor with a weapon than without one. The Tactical Pen provides this as a discrete option that can be carried nearly anywhere and are no more or less likely, in my opinion, to cause bloodshed than a great many other improvised weapons I make pick up in the heat of the moment.



  3. I owned a Gerber Tac pen. At first I loved it. The weight was not too heavy and the feel of it made me feel like I was holding a pen, not a piece of plastic. After 2 weeks or so, the retractor stopped working. I could not get it to stay out so I could write with it. I was sad and it was now a piece of garbage. I even searched YOUTUBE for answers but found none. Just a small input from a former tac-pen user….

    1. Hey Anthony,
      Sorry to hear about your problem but thanks for the feedback. Sounds like you got a defective one, unusual for Gerber. Did you try contacting either Gerber or the store where you bought it?

      I have actually bought these as gifts and haven’t heard of that happening.

      Did you end up getting a replacement pen from another brand that you like?


  4. Which one of those pens will accept the Fisher #SPR4 refill and which one will accept the Parker Style refill? I wish the article would say that.

    Doc Badger

  5. If you could put together some of these pens in a kit where I could turn wood on my lathe to put on them I would buy them.

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