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Here at The Bug Out Bag Guide we are always looking for talented writers to contribute articles and help our Community prepare!  Are you:

  • Experienced and knowledgeable in preparedness, homesteading, or survival?
  • Able to write detailed, practical articles on these topics?
  • Excited to share your knowledge with like minded people?

Benefits of writing for us:

  1. We accept bylined articles – you can put your name and, social media links, and a link in your “About The Author” Section at the bottom of articles
  2. We pay for articles!  If you are an experienced writer we are happy to pay for quality content
  3. Gain exposure to the 40,000+ unique monthly visitors to our site, the 5000+ subscribers on our email list, and the thousands more who follow us across our social media accounts!

The Rules…

  1. All guest posts must be 1000 words or longer in length. This must be useful information, not fluff or filler to meet the requirement
  2. All articles must be 100% original, no copy/paste or spinning. It is fine to write on a topic you have written on in the past but it must be a new article, not a re-used one.
  3. All articles must provide useful information that will be helpful to the reader
  4. All articles are subject to formatting and editing by our staff. We will generally send it back to the author before publishing to confirm they are OK with any changes we have made.
  5. Articles cannot simply push products or services, they must provide value to the reader. If you have something you want to plug please discuss it with us. It is fine if it is worked into the article in a logical manner that provides a benefit or solves a problem that is relevant to the topic that is being written about.
  6. Self serving backlinks are allowed in the About The Author Section
  7. If you want to include an About The Author Section, please provide a blurb with the article

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