Best Prepping Articles Of 2014 From Around The Web

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It has been a busy year for the preparedness community with many worldwide and local events testing our resolve.  Looking back at 2014 we can remember the rise of Ebola and ISIS as well as the civil unrest around the Ferguson case.

It can be hard choosing what to prepare for and there are so many great resources out there to use to learn the skills you need to be truly ready.  I thought it would be useful to put the most popular preparedness related articles here in one place, not only for The Bug Out Bag Guide, but also from other sites around the web.  I reached out to over 100 preparedness bloggers to see what was their most widely shared article was of 2014.  I got back some interesting results and collected them here for your reference.

I hope you can look back on 2014 and see how your own level of preparedness has grown and look forward to continuing this development thru 2015 and beyond.  Remember as always, Chance Favors The Well Prepared.

The Most Shared Articles From The Bug Out Bag Guide In 2014

Article (Click To read it)What's It About?Facebook/Pinterest/Twitter Shares
5 Basic Survival Skills You Need When Bugging OutThe basics of water, shelter, fire, food, and keeping a positive mental attitude when bugging out.6,500+
Bug Out Vehicle ChecklistHow to choose a bug out vehicle and what to pack in your evacuation kit.3,200+
How To Choose The Best Survival Tomahawk For Your Bug Out BagA look at the most important features to have in a bug out tomahawk as well as weighing your options to pick the best one for your individual needs.2,000+
How To Build An Urban Survival KitA look at urban survival planning factors and what specific gear you need in your bug out bag to maximize your chances.1,400+
How To Make Your Family Bug Out BagWhat skills to teach and gear to pack based on the age of your children. Also how to adjust your plan to accommodate for the young ones' needs.1,300+

Most Shared Prepping Articles From Around The Web

In addition to our own articles I also reached out to other preparedness bloggers to see what were their own most shared posts of 2014.  It was interesting to see what other people are reading and sharing with their friends.  There was a wide range of topic that they sent back and they give me new ideas for where to expand my own preparedness skill set in 2015.

SiteTitle (Click To Read The Article)Total Shares
Mom With A Prep10 First Aid Skills Every Parent Should Know45710
Food Storage Moms15 Reasons Why I Store Epsom Salts18352
Food Storage And SurvivalFood Storage Shelf Life + Printable Chart!11817
Survival At HomeDollar Store Preps - Packing Your BOB On The Cheap!9235
Backdoor Survival60 Emergency Supplies You Can Buy for a Buck9000
Melissa K. Norris.com7 Depression Era Tips to Stretch Your Food Budget9000
The Daily PrepGuide To Long Term Food Storage8800
Gray Wolf Survival5 Discreet Weapons To Can Carry Almost Anywhere7300
GNOWFGLINSHow to Homestead Without 100 Acres and A Cow6500
Simply CanningCanning Venison Cubed and Raw Pack4000
Montana HomesteaderHow To Cook On An Open Fire3600
Mama KautzCooking Without Power1100
Preparedness MamaHow to Communicate With Family in an Emergency857
Lil Suburban HomesteadDehydrating Apples….A Delicious, Healthy, Portable Snack142
Homestead DreamerThe 5 Stages New Preppers Go Through135
Are We Crazy Or What?Food Storage Basics
Apartment PrepperBuild your Grab and Go Binder
Trayer WildernessWhat To Gather For Fire Making & How To Make A Fire
The 7 P's BlogCamp Fire vs. Survival Fire vs. Cooking Fire
Survival SherpaHow to Make Firebricks and Wood Stove Logs for Free!

What do you think?

Did you have a favorite prepping resource from 2014?  Did you learn anything this year that was really useful that you want to share?  Let us know in the Comments Section below, thanks!


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