Thanks For Signing Up To Learn More About T.U.U.S.K.


Thanks for your interest in The Ultimate Urban Survival Kit (also know as T.U.U.S.K.) that I have been building with the team at Ready To Go Survival!

As we have been working we’ve been documenting the process of building this urban bug out bag to share it with people like you.  As we finish different stages of the T.U.U.S.K. project I am going to send you email updates that will show:

  • What motivated us to develop T.U.U.S.K.
  • What urban survival problems we aim to solve with T.U.U.S.K.
  • How we decided what survival gear to include in T.U.U.S.K.
  • How we tested that gear to make sure T.U.U.S.K. is a complete kit that will help us (and you!) survive
  • How YOU can use this info to build your own T.U.U.S.K. or other bug out bag
  • And lots more!

We have been hard at work for a few months now and are really excited to share T.U.U.S.K. with you.  Stay tuned for my next email in a few days where I will share some background info on the project and show you what motivated us to make The Ultimate Urban Survival Kit!

Thanks again and remember, Chance Favors The Well Prepared!

The Bug Out Bag Guide

11 comments on “Thanks For Signing Up To Learn More About T.U.U.S.K.

  1. I do not really live in an urban area, however info about TUUSK would be very helpful. I am just starting the process of collecting for EDC & Bug-Out bags.

    1. Hey Ron,
      It is my hope that being able to follow along the process as we build the bag will help you and others build a better EDC or Bug Out Kit themselves. I hope this helps!

  2. It looks like a great bag size. I hope you have kept the ladies in mind when it comes to fitting and weight. Especially the urbanites who are not used to carrying backpacks. Thanks!

    1. Hey Michele,
      The general guideline is to carry 30% of your body weight or less. This goes for either gender for a person of average fitness. Thanks for your feedback, making a gender specific loadout is a great idea!

  3. Chris,
    I’m a new subscriber and I’m really interested to see what you’ve put together…I’ve been “prepping” for 30+ years. I’ve always called it being a survivalist. Naturally, my needs have changed dramatically over time and I’m now at a stage (65 yrs old) where in the event of a major event, earthquake etc. (Southern CA) there is no way in heck I could “walk” home (60 miles) due to health reasons. Current drive time is 2 hrs. one way, and when we had a partial blackout in Orange County a couple of years ago it took 3 hrs to go 7 miles. I also have parents and in-laws (90 yrs old) to look out for, as well as married kids with grandkids all within my area. My reason for telling you this is that I’m looking forward to anything you can add to my knowledge, thought process, & current equipment. I’ve also got my kids working on prepping and I like to pass on these thoughts, so we can all look our for each other and have a plan that we constantly update as needs change. Looking forward to the project!

    1. Thanks Dave! Sounds like you have built up some valuable prepping knowledge through your experiences. I hope the TUUSK project can provide some value to you and your family!

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