Fish Antibiotics For Humans: A Safe Option For Your Survival Kit?

Fish Antibiotics For Humans

There has been a lot of buzz lately among disaster preparedness blogs and forums about the idea of stocking up on fish antibiotics for humans in the event that there is a disaster or bug out situation and normal medical channels such as doctors, pharmacies, and hospitals are not functioning.

In this guide, we will examine the safety and feasibility of this option as well as look at some other important factors to consider.

Fish Antibiotics For Humans
Are Fish Antibiotics For Humans Safe?

Fish Antibiotics For Humans

The topic of Fish Antibiotics For Humans is a hot issue because some survival perparedness-minded people believe that fish antibiotics are interchangeable with normal doctor prescribed medicines and are a good addition to a survival kit or bug out bag.

Doctor prescribed medications can be hard stock up on so some these individuals are attempting to source an alternative that:

  1. Is effective for curing infections in humans
  2. Is readily available to ordinary people
  3. Is available in larger quantities than the single doses that are normally prescribed

Are fish antibiotics for humans safe?

First off, if you are considering this or any other medical related option, you should perform whatever research you deem necessary AND talk to a doctor. Don’t just take this article as you main resource, the author is not a doctor and does not dispense medical advice.

To answer the question of the safety of fish antibiotics for humans, we must first consider the following factors:

  1. What are the ingredients of Fish Antibiotics vs Human Antibiotics?
  2. What are the dosages offered?

I have researched some common brands of fish antibiotics and created this table to help share the information:

Fish Antibiotic NameActive Ingredient and Dosage
Fin Mox ForteAmoxicillin
Fin Flex ForteCephalexin
Fin Flox ForteCiprofloxacin
Fin Pen FortePenicillin

So, if someone was interested in acquiring some fish antibiotics for humans, they can see that these readily available medicines appear to be both the same ingredient and in many cases the same dosage as those offered to humans from pharmacies.

Other Factors To Consider When Researching Fish Antibiotics For Humans

1. Does the fish antibiotic have only 1 ingredient – The last thing anyone wants is to buy and take one of these products that also includes a fish health supplement in it that has not been used by humans. Make sure before you buy that the only ingredient in the capsules is the antibiotic that you want such as:

  • Amoxicillin
  • Cephalexin
  • Metronidazole
  • Ciprofloxacin
  • Penicillin
  • Ampicillin

2. Make sure that the dosages are appropriate to what is recommended by a doctor or a well respected resource such as

3. Store antibiotics properly – These medications should be kept in a cool, dark place with the original seal intact until needed. It is also essential to monitor the expiration date if each bottle and discard and replace any that are out of date.

4. Be aware of allergies – A small segment of the population is allergic to Penicillin and its derivative medicines. Be aware of all medical allergies for anyone you are making a Bug Out Plan for.

5. The rise of antibiotic resistant bacteria in modern society is a major threat to modern medicine. The frequent use of antibiotics in both humans and animals has accelerated this trend. Best practice is to use these drugs only when necessary.

Where Can I Buy Fish Antibiotics For Humans?

Because this is typically administered to fish, there are currently no prescription requirements that this author is aware of (check your local laws).

Without this constraint you will find that fish antibiotics can easily be purchased both from Amazon. Refer to the chart above and click the product name to see it on Amazon.

For further analysis of the topic of fish antibiotics for humans, check out this video by Dr Joseph Alton, author of the excellent book The Doom And Bloom Survival Medicine Handbook and owner of the Doom and Bloom Blog.


It appears that fish antibiotics for humans is a low risk proposition and would be available to be added to a well stocked list of Bug Out Bag Essentials or survival kit. As always, consult with a medical professional before taking ANY medications and conduct your own research before purchasing these products.

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Chris Ruiz

My name is Chris and I created this site to help ordinary people prepare for the uncertainties of the modern day world. I believe that a well-prepared society is the best safeguard against any natural or manmade disaster.

39 comments on “Fish Antibiotics For Humans: A Safe Option For Your Survival Kit?

  1. Please, also be aware of side effects when using these antibiotics as well as knowing which type of infections they treat. Antibiotics don’t work on all bacteria. Plus, there are some pretty serious side effects using metronidazole with any thing containing alcohol, including mouthwash, perfumes, or hand sanitizers. Also, ciprofloxacin can cause ligament and tendon damage. There’s a reason they require a prescription for human use.

    1. I had the Achilles’ tendon almost rupture from CIPRO who knew??? Great point, during a catastrophe it could go from bad to worse with an allergic reaction!

      1. I carry the MTHFR genes and cant take this. Cipro caused bad nerve damage to me. If anyone is a carrier of the MTHFR gene mutations…I would not recommend it. Just wanted to toss that info out there for anyone to research.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Debbie. Fish meds are a last resort, only if you can’t get some prescribed by a doctor. That being said, they are frequently identical to those prescribed to humans.

      1. I use 500 fish mox for sinus infections and I was dating a cancer Dr and checked with him and he said they were fine. He said they say NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUPTION so people (like me! lol) don’t self medicate . I have gotten sinus infections most of my life so I know what to do for them I just can’t afford the dr visit and getting 100 500mg capsules for a little over $30 is the cheapest way for me to get what I need. I have done this over 10 years, they work, no side effects

        1. I have read enough reviews to see, if your DR can’t prescribe antibiotics (in my case), purchased Thomas Labs Amox online and will have delivered. Have had a sinus infection, along with bronchitis since Thanksgiving and need to get this zapped out of my system. Mind you, I’m in the Public sector with my career, so I need to be in top shape. Hadn’t been sick in over 8 years, so I had a good run, until now. Will start taking when I receive this week.

          1. Janis Joplin feel over dead, self medicating!
            Also Elvis Presle.
            Use very sparingly, only during an economic collapse.

        2. Thanks for the review, I also suffer from sinus infection every year. My Dr just wants it to run it’s course but I always return to get meds.

        3. I have taken the Amoxicillin (500 mg x 3 per day) on two separate illnesses. It knocked out the infection twice,very quickly. I also am prone to getting sinus infections. I get them like clockwork, twice a year. I usually can’t overcome them with over the counter medicines. With my new insurance, which sucks, a simple office visit to my doctor is $109 after the negotiated price with my insurance company. And that’s before I would even pay for the medicine at the pharmacy.

  2. I have taken the Thomas Labs Amox many times for respiratory infections and they work. No side effects or other problem; but I have no allergies either. I’ve also taken Cephalexin without any issues for minor infections with no issues. These are available at vet supply houses. I have also noted the capsule markings and packaging are identical to what is found in the pharmaceutical documents . I Keep them in the freezer.

  3. I usually get 500 mg of Fish Mox to keep around for my chronic sinus infections as well as for upper resp infections in my feral cats. Have been using this over 10 years and they work just as well as a presc the Dr would give you

    1. Please let me know how you get on? I’ve had a chest infection and ear infection for nearly seven weeks and will only give ear drops.

  4. Well I’ve got some coming for a sinus infection I can’t get rid of. The most important thing to know is how much to take and for how long. Swim’s son is a doctor and he recommends 500 mg twice a day for 5/7 days. Make sure you take the entire dose.

  5. That depends on the severity and type of infection. Usually children will require 125/250mg amoxicillin and adults 500mg. So if the capsule is 500mg then it will be one capsule for an adult.

  6. I used to have Fortified procaine penicillin injection towards my throat infections due to bacterial infections, it was working better, now it is not available anywhere in the market, will Fish Zole be helpful ?

  7. I’ve been reading penicillin is nearly worthless these days and is often prescribed so people think the doctor did something even if they really didn’t need it. How true that is I don’t know but it’s why I stocked Cephalexin as my main antibiotic.

    1. Not true. My Uncle is a Doctor, and said people will have to resort to fish antibiotics, because they have simply not been allowed to prescribe them. ZPack is now a 3 day, not 5. I buy all I can get, and close to exp date, I sell to people needing asap, and I restock. I have 500 plus bottles of different kinds in a freezer as I type. Study what each one is for, dosage, etc… before taking, and definitely make sure of your allergies! Fish Pen *Penicillin* is exactly the same as human antibiotics, and has helped me through some rough patches! I have taken several lose pills in to Walgreens, and asked what they were. Spot on every time! My pills have the same markings as the human ones do. (Thomas Labs ONLY!)
      And to the guy talking about Joplin, and Elvis— LMAO!!! They didn’t die from antibiotics! Good grief man! Educate yourself here! No one is talking about opiates here LOL! That’s what they died from! Benzos, alcohol, and pain pills NOT antibiotics!

      1. It is a little more to the point than saying, fish pen might give you (montazomas revenge).
        By the way, Joplin and elvis did self medicate. With the same type of drugs as people living in ghettos across this country.

      2. Any suggestions for pneumonia or chronic bronchitis if a person is allergic to the “cillin” family. Specifically a fish substitute for Doxycycline or the ZPak?
        Thanks in advance!

  8. Research some of the most common infections as-well-as some of the uncommon ones. Check to see if they are ‘aerobic’ or ‘anaerobic’ in nature. They each need their own type of antibiotic. If you treat an ‘aerobic’ bacteria with an antibiotic that is meant for an ‘anaerobic’ strain…it won’t work. If you stock up on a variety of antibiotics…make a list of the infections that each will treat. Make a list of all possible symptoms for each because in a SHTF situation the chances of having a lab to run the diagnostics…will probably be zero.

  9. I have used Fish Amoxicillin, Cephalexin and Sulfamethoxazole/Trimethoprim at different times for myself and my mother for UTIs, abscessed teeth and sinus or respiratory infections over the past couple years. They work fine. No problems. I have been purchasing extra for survival supplies also.

  10. My girlfriend does not have insurance. She had a root canal two years ago and it has never been right. Last week she got something caught in the tooth and it had been terribly infected.
    I found Fish Pen at Tractor Supply on Saturday, gave her an initial dose of 1000 mg and 500 mg every 6 hours since. I told her to remain on this dosage through Thursday.
    It’s only been 48 hours and she told me that this area and tooth in her mouth hasn’t felt this good in two years.
    We’ll make an appointment to get it fixed now, but this truly worked given the current situation.

  11. I have been using powdered Tetracycline an Doxycycline HCL for 15 yrs it is for Birds and livestock an old farmer taught me to use it and suggested covering the horrid taste in OJ or powdered tang when you can’t afford OJ or can’t keep it refrigerated in the case of an SHTF situation.
    I can’t actually tell you how much to take I just know from using it but you can figure it out by weight.
    It lasts a long time I keep it sealed in a Mason Jar to keep out moisture
    it used to be readily available at any feed store but now it seems to be gone.
    It is a Broad spectrum antibiotic. it will knock out e coli septicemia,tooth abscesses, and MRSA .
    in an emergency, this is a LIFESAVER and it seems they make it for fish as well.

  12. Have used Thomas Labs Fish Mox, Fish Pen, and Fish Flex as effectively as prescribed medication. Do your research. Know your body. I know what is usually prescribed for our sinus infections, my skin infections, and UTI’s. I stick to the kind of antiobiotics and dosages that our doctors have prescribed in the past for these conditions. I keep a log in the medicine cabinet, so I learn from the docs. We do not use them willynilly.

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